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How to separate the scheduled meetings that I didn't attend




Apologies if this has been asked before, but I am unable to find the solution anywhere.


I have a scheduled Zoom meeting on every Saturday. However, sometimes that meeting does not happen due to last moment changes. My Zoom history still shows the meeting to have happened, since it was scheduled. Since the happening of these meetings affects the finances of my company, I need to keep track of them.


My question is - Is there any way to segregate the meetings that didn't happen, so that I can only keep track of the meetings that did happen?


Thanks in advance for your help.



To separate the scheduled meetings that you didn't attend, you can follow these steps, using Spotify terms as a thematic example:

  1. Review History: Just as you would check your Spotify listening history, review your digital calendar or meeting platform for past events.

  2. Filter Out: Create a filter similar to a Spotify playlist, where you separate attended meetings from those you missed. Most calendar apps have a search or filter function to display only the meetings with a status of 'No Response' or 'Declined'.

  3. Label Appropriately: Assign labels or categories to your meetings, akin to how you might categorize songs into different moods on Spotify. Label those you attended differently from those you missed.

  4. Use Analytics: Some advanced calendar tools have analytics, much like spotify provides for your listening habits. Use these to see attendance trends over time.

  5. Automate Sorting: Set up an automation rule, similar to Spotify's algorithmic playlists, where your calendar app automatically moves missed meetings into a separate folder or list.