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Video recording download


Hello, I hope you're well.
I have weekly zoom meetings on my laptop with someone who has a pro account (I'm invited to the meeting by them), while I have a free account. Usually I record the sessions (by asking for permission from host) and the download of the recording file to my laptop starts automatically after the end of the session. However, last time I used zoom on my phone, and by accident I participated in the meeting using my work account. I recorded the meeting but the video was not downloaded on my phone, but went to my friend's cloud instead.
I wanted to ask:
1. Was this because I used my phone, or because I used my work account (which wasn't originally invited in the meeting)?
2. Is the meeting saved anywhere else on the cloud that is associated with my work account? (I want to make sure that my employer doesn't have access to that recording)
3. Is there a way to still record and download the file on my phone?
Thank you in advance.