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How to STOP notification that host "is talking" when host has hidden self view


During a recent upgrade, I noticed that the notification "James is talking" (I am james) pops up in every zoom meeting when I "hide self view" and then begin to talk during the meeting.  This is INCREDIBLY distracting and makes me SELF-CONSCIOUS  and takes me out of the meeting.  In past versions of zoom (Two updates ago), this only used to show up when OTHER non-video participants spoke, but NOT the host.  This is AS DISTRACTING as having the green square highlighted on me while speaking, which is intolerable.  Is there a setting to make this go away? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I am not aware of a way to turn this notification off. Mostly I find it useful in a large meeting when somebody is speaking but they are located on page 2 or beyond in my gallery. Then I at least know who is speaking. But, I understand your frustration with it popping-up on your screen when it is you speaking.


You might consider submitting it as a feature request. Here's a link to that page...

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

In Zoom version 5.12.6, this problem did not exist.  Hopefully the developers might consider addressing this issue.  It just does not make sense to show that the host is talking while they are talking (if they have hidden self view); this truly is akin to having the green square on you while speaking, which most individuals don't like.  Besides an actor on stage or someone giving a presentation, who wants to be spotlighted during casual conversation?  I think it's just a recipe for more social anxiety and distraction.


I have the same problem and it is driving me

crazy! I would love a solution, and I submitted a request for an improvement to Zoom.


1000% this is so obnoxious. I just noticed this with the most recent update. I always have my self-view hidden in every meeting. It is terribly distracting and unnecessary to look at myself while in a meeting and now having this window pop up every time I'm speaking is ridiculous.