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How can I stop automatic downloads?


I made a similar reply in a conversation between @Ohkawa and @itfreshman1 but got no respose, so I an creating this new post.


I have the Zoom app on my MacBook and on my iPhone. Every time I click on a link sent to me for a Zoom meeting when using my laptop, a new Zoom installer package downloads. I have no option to refuse or cancel it. This never happens on my iPhone, even if I am signing in with both devices to the same meeting, meaning that the settings by the host aren't dictating that the download occurs (unless of course every single host has chosen to make laptops download the app but not phones). As soon as the download is over, my existing app opens and I'm able to join the meeting. If I have a day during which I am joining multiple meetings, that many installer packages are in my download folder by the end. How can I make this stop? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Sorry to hear about this issue. Does it happen with all web browsers you test or just one in particular?


I have the feeling this is related to one native Mac web browser in particular. If so, please check the Prevent cross-site tracking:



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Yes exactly, this is so annoying and wasteful! You can prevent this by closing the tab as fast as you can after the already-installed Zoom app has opened the link. But to have to race to close the tab before this automation kicks in after like 2 seconds is... well, I have no words for it that content filtering will let through here. I wonder how much disk space average computer users who use Zoom a lot are wasting because of this. I understand that it's to make the experience easier for first-time users of Zoom, but still. There must be better ways, more sane and sensible ways.