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How Can we Host without running into a verification code


I am a member of a group (12 Step Group ) that has different people running different meetings on the same accounts . We recently have had ) trouble signing in when we had to produce a verification code , which was sent to the email of the person associated with the sign in code . One account went to our chair , and the other one to the secretary . So every time a new person wants to log onto the shared account to host a meeting , or a familiar person is using a different device (I personally can use 3 different devices to log on :iPad , phone , and computer  ) or if you had not signed in on a a specific device for a certain time (?) it would send you a message to type in a verification code (which of course would be sent to the chair or secretary . Most of our members do not want to be bothering either the Chair or secretary to get into the meeting . one or more to get into the 



I need the answer to this as well.  


Me, too.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Maxzi64 please be aware that sharing a Zoom Account is against our Terms of Service (TOS). You can look into our TOS here at under 'Use of services and your responsibilities'.  It sounds like you're being sent a one time password, which is a feature we use to help keep your account secure. Troubleshooting tips for one time passwords are available in our support article here.

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