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Far End Camera Control


@GreggG_aka_4G About Far-end camera control 


Hi Greg,

I saw you helped in the case above and was hoping you could help me out. I am working on a project where we want to use far end camera controls. I believe our system meets the requirements: 1) have far end camera controls enabled on both accounts 2) have a PTZ camera that supports UVC controls.


We are using an Amazon Omni TV with OBSBOT Tiny 4K camera as the user and a laptop for PTZ camera control.

I succeeded in taking control of the OBSBOT, but once it says 'you control the TV' it does not show the control functions demonstrated in this article ( Any suggestions on where I went wrong? I appreciate any and all guidance. Thank you.


P.S. I will try to check the Zoom Community for your response, but am new to this. If it is easier, feel free to reach out via email at ***********



same problem here... it worked before.