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Enable Multiple User to be Hosts without needing One Time Code


We are an organization with about 6 staff who may be hosting a Zoom meeting. We have two Zoom One Pro/Standard licenses. We use iPads to host meetings. 


When one of the staff starts a Zoom meeting a code is being sent to the account owner's email. See the attached png file for a screenshot of the email. That person is not always available. The meeting cannot be held until the account owner is tracked down and the code is entered. How do we allow other staff to start a Zoom meeting without needing to use an emailed code? I see a setting called OTP. It doesn't appear that I as the account owner can turn it off. But if I find out how to do that and turn it off, what are the security risks?




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @RBC OTP is when it detects a suspicious login, such as from a different location or device than normal. For example, if you look into your Zoom client settings --> profile, you can see the list of devices. 

Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 9.14.02 AM.png


But, with disabling OTP, you'd just be logging in with Zoom credentials. If you are on a Basic (free) account, you cannot disable the OTP requirement, but you can switch your login method to use Google, Apple, or Facebook.


If you are on a Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education (paid) account, you can choose any of the following options:

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Community Champion | Customer


Usually, the OTC is sent to the licensed user's email address. Your boss shouldn't be getting the email.  The user who is logged in using their account should get the email.


It sounds like you are sharing two pro accounts amongst 6 people. Is that correct?




Maybe the problem is we don't understand how the licensing scheme works.


The email isn't going to my boss. It is coming to me, the tech guy. The issue is that when the staff wants to hold a meeting and they use one of their "unknown" devices, I get the code. I don't always immediately see the code. So they can't hold their meeting. 


Yes, we share 2 licenses among 6 people. We rarely have two meetings at a time. 2 licenses is enough. Zoom pro is a per user license. Not a great licensing scheme for a small non-profit with a limited budget.  


I looked at going to Zoom business licenses. It looks like you need to buy minimum of 10 licenses at a cost of $2k. Way too expensive and unnecessary for our small non-profit team. Even adding another couple of Zoom One licenses, is outside the scope of our budget.