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Creating Avatars


Hello ~  I am the owner and admin of my Zoom account and I am running the latest version of Zoom - 5.15.5. 


I have been trying to create an avatar for some time and I have updated all of the under the Account Management and Account Settings to toggle on the background & effects and avatars and to lock both.  I then logged out of Zoom, shut down the computer and restarted, but I am still getting these messages (1) "you cannot upload images or videos due to restrictions placed by your admin" or (2) "this image was set as the default by your admin and cannot be deleted."  Can someone please help?  


Thank you in advance.






Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @WkidWiz77 welcome to the community! Interesting that you're unable to upload custom virtual backgrounds. 


To access Admin settings, you will need to go to thee web portal at This is where the Admin on the account can set account level settings for all users on the account. From there, I would search (cmd + f, or ctrl + f) for the "Virtual background".


Once you've found your virtual background settings, I would ensure that the following is checked, and any other setting you'd like to apply:


After saving the changes, suggest logging out of the Zoom client and Logging back in to see if the changes have applied to the client. 🙂

Zoom Community Moderator

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