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Cannot find video filters or virtual background


Hi. I'm using an iMac, Mac OS 12.2.1.

I have searched everywhere, but I cannot find those video filters that allow you to soften the video or adjust the lighting or change the background. I have checked 20 sites that claim to help. I do not find any of the buttons or tabs they are talking about. I did, in the past, but now they are suddenly gone. Can anyone explain, step by step, on a Mac computer, how to access those filters in Zoom? I'd really appreciate it. 



Go to the Virtual Background page in the button beside Start/Stop Video. Then got o video filters. You can see the video filters there. 

 I will try that. Thank you!

No problem!


You cannot see the video filters, if it is turned off by accident or will. Login to your Zoom account, on a web browser and go to Settings on your Profile. Then, click on Meetings and scroll down to Meetings (Advanced) and toggle the button on beside Video filters. This will enable video filters.

I have the button beside the video filters on, but I can't see the video filters setting in zoom meetings how can I use video filters?