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Cannot connect to account and bug with "Unstable network, tap to reconnect"


Hello, I have problems with Zoom accounts and app on Android.

I gain notification "Unstable network, tap to reconnect" (All my relatives have this notification too). I decided to delate cache and data in phone settings and reinstall Zoom. After reinstalling problem was solved until I exited the application.

So when I reinstalled it again and had to log into my account, an error occurred. I received notification "Login failed. Failed to connect to Zoom".

Instead, I started entering the details of the second account and everything was fine until I was asked to enter a code from the mail.  The first time I got it. However, he did not work. I received a notification that it has expired. Then I clicked on the button to be sent another code, but it did not arrive in my mailbox.

I reinstalled Zoom a third time. I started to enter the data of the second account and the message about failed login appeared on this account: "Login failed. Failed to connect to Zoom".

Error codes: Don't have

Device type: OS Android of different versions

Zoom version: 5.16.6 (17128)

Location: Ukraine



I am having the same issue, no error codes or anything,
Also android device, located in Belgium

I was able to get through and log in once again but then I was hit with the "unstable netword, tap to reconnect" again. My internet is fine, it happens on 5g too.

Same in Myanmar too. Internet is fine but it keeps saying unstable network 


i have the same issue, works fine on Windows Desktop but not Android App, located in UK


Same here: At first "unstable network", now "failed to connect to Zoom" on Android. Desktop works.



Facing the same issue "Unstable Network, Tap to reconnect" ... from Bangalore, India.


Also faced Sign-In issue, only when all devices were logged out after logging into zoom via the browser is when it lets us Sign-In on the Android phone 


Hi all, get same issue "Unstable Network, Tap to reconnect"  from Italy

Issue only on Android, on pc windows works well.

If i reinstall APP on android works again, but after powering off/on android get same issue again (unstable network, tap to reconnect..)


Having the same issue, works fine on Windows Desktop and Apple Products but not Android App, located Pakistan


I have the same issue too. I hope they fix it as soon as possible