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Can't log into zoom desktop app via google with 2 google accounts active


I try to login to zoom thru the desktop app on my mac, I choose sign in with Google, then it asks which of my two google accounts to use. All good so far, but no matter which one I pick I get the Something Went Wrong error. The only way to actually login seems to be to go to in the browser and login there first. Then meeting links will open with the account that's logged in. Using Chrome on 2020 M1 Macbook Air.

(Frankly, having to log in with the desktop app already seemed like a dumb workaround. Ideally when I click a meeting link, but I am not logged into the google account that was invited to the meeting, I should be able to quickly log in the the associated zoom account. However as it works now it just automatically joins me to the meeting as whichever account is currently logged into google, or if the meeting is restricted and I'm not logged into the invited account it says I can't enter and I have to close, go log in, then try again. I think this last part is a feature request though, since I am assuming this is part of the design.)   


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @rebeccaCAST , apologies for the delayed response. 


I would like to suggest that you first log out of all Google Calendar and Zoom accounts on your PC. As an added troubleshooting step, I would also uninstall/reboot device/ reinstall Zoom. Then continue as you normally would to your meeting link. Let me know if that helps!


Zoom Community Team