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Can no longer schedule recurring meetings with personal id


I understand that we can no longer schedule recurring meetings using our personal meeting id.  Until recently, I never experienced this limitation.  I would just like to register my disappointment with this change.  My clients all know that all of my Outlook calendar invitations have always carried the same personal i.d., and now I cannot continue on that basis.  Zoom says our personal I.D. should be reserved for "unscheduled meetings" but nearly all of my meetings are recurring.  I wish we could return to the way this worked before.  



For a better experience, see the Zoom add-on for Google Calendar (web or mobile) or Outlook (desktop or web) if you use one of these calendar services to schedule meetings.
Recurring meetings with a fixed recurrence patterns (daily, weekly, monthly) cannot be scheduled with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) since your PMI is reserved so that you can start or schedule a meeting at anytime, similar to a no-fixed-time recurring meeting. 
When scheduling a recurring meeting in Google Calendar or in Outlook, the resulting Zoom meeting will always be created as a no-fixed-time recurring meeting. The resulting calendar event can then be scheduled with whichever recurrence pattern you choose, but that recurrence pattern will not be reflected on the Zoom side. 
Meetings can have up to 50 recurring sessions, so if you need more than 50 recurrences, use the No Fixed Time option.