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Camera glitching/artifacts after Zoom update


After upgrading to Version 5.16.1 (23158), my camera video displays very obvious artifacts and glitches. This can look like large pixelated discolored patches on my video that flicker. My camera looks ok from my computer, but other users see the glitching with my video. I tested this by having a room open on two computers, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Zoom, restarting, and nothing worked. Downgrading to the previous version of Zoom did correct the issue – so it does seem to be specific to the latest version release of Zoom.


My system info:

MacBook Pro, 16-inch, 2021

Apple M1 Max
Memory 32 GB

macOS Sonoma 14.0


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @lm-studio welcome to the community! First, may I ask when you downloaded the Zoom desktop client, did you select the download for Macs with Apple Silicon chips? You can see this from



If you have confirmed that you used that method to install the Zoom desktop client, I would recommend checking within your Zoom desktop client to see if you have any advanced video options enabled that may be increasing your system usage, such as using hardware acceleration. 


You can find these settings with your Zoom Desktop Client > Settings > Video > Advanced 

Zoom Community Moderator

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