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Camera and Mic device jumping


I had an issue that shocked me a little and I was wondering if anyone has had this happen with the new updates?


My zoom updated on my computer and I didn't happen to have my camera connected which has never been an issue but when the presenter asked me to turn on my camera, I clicked on the camera button on my computer and the camera window didn't show me...I realized that's because my computer camera/mic wasn't plugged in. Silly me. But before I could plug it in to fix my mistake I realized it was actually showing a carpeted floor...who's camera is it showing instead?? It had automatically connected to the camera on my phone even though I was zooming from my computer and it connected to my airpods for audio since they connect to my phone but my airpods weren't in my ears. 


I felt like this was a violation of privacy that the zoom app on my phone would decide to be so smart that it turned on my phone camera since there was no camera on my computer. I assume that's why the zoom app did this. It sounds cool at first but I'm actually concerned now.