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Automatic Update - Unprofessional


How many times have you been running from one meeting to the next but your next meeting is Zoom.  You launch Zoom and Bam!  Zoom is forcing an update. The update runs, you have NO CHOICE, and now you're late for the meeting, missing important information. Then to make matters worse, you're automatically signed out of zoom and have to complete the login process again, further delaying your ability to join the meeting.  Three minutes later, you're finally joining the meeting,  Even worse if you're the host.


Do you think this is a professional way to handle updates? I don't.  Let Zoom know if you agree with me.


A better solution would be to provide an option to update at the END of your Zoom meeting via a prompt, in case you have back to back meetings.

There isn't even a category for the APP, only features of the app - Zoom - let's step up your game.