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August 28, 2023 version 5.15.11 (7239) update


How can I find out what changed when Zoom for Windows went from ver. 5.15.10 to ver. 5.15.11?

I spent many hours troubleshooting a strange problem in 5.15.10 that was corrected in 5.15.11.  But the nature of the problem concerns me. 


On the same Windows computer, I was unable to connect to Zoom meetings when the computer was connected by ethernet cable to the router that connects my home LAN to Verizon FIOS.  At the same time, the PC could connect to Zoom meetings when the same computer connected to the router by wifi.  I've never seen an issue like that before.  I am curious what the Zoom ver. 5.15.10 was trying to do such that it behaved differently based only on the network adapter relaying its packets. After working on the problem for several days, my university escalated the issue to Zoom.  The only help I got came a few days later telling me to update to ver. 5.15.11 with no further explanation.  The Zoom release notes say only "minor bug fixes" were made in ver. 5.15.11.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Please refer to the release notes for details of the changes.

Release notes for Windows – Zoom Support


Release notes can be followed from the desktop application.



Thanks, Ohkawa.  I had already checked the release notes.  As I said in the initial post, they do not answer the question.  

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

+1 for the request to get transparency on what 'minor bug fixes' in each release actually include. These should be available for all, but should at least be made available to pro/enterprise customers responsible for managing large fleets where a small issue could mean thousands of tickets!


Can anyone even speculate on what the Zoom software might have been doing such that authentication behaved one way when the PC was connected to its gateway by ethernet and another way when it was connected by wifi?