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Add Chapters or Sections to Recording


For recordings stored in Zoom cloud, is there anyway (or workaround) to be able to link to specific portion of a recording (often referred to as chapters or sections)? As example, your recording is 30min long; something significant discussed at 00:12:30 (12 minutes 30 seconds) into the recording. I'd like to share a URL to that specific portion of the recording. 


Seems when using the scrub to navigate to that portion of the recording, the URL remains the same (the start of the recording).


Any way to do this? If no, any workarounds?


And Zoom, do you have this captured anywhere as a feature request?



Hi @larryebaum 


I think the closest feature in Zoom is the "Recording Highlights" for cloud recordings. But this feature is dependent on the Audio Transcript feature - which is only available on Business accounts and above.


"Recording Highlights".

"When this option is selected, meeting details in the audio transcript will be highlighted. Hosts can modify highlighted sections and generate a video summary (highlighted sections may have a 3-second offset) based on these sections. The summary is for informational purposes only and may not be complete."


Otherwise, you could stream to YouTube - and it has a nice feature for adding chapter markers after the fact.


You could try submitting your idea to the Zoom Feedback form also


Hope this helps.



Zoom Moderator

Hi @larryebaum, thanks for sharing this! Please also check out @Rupert's suggestion! I encourage you to submit your idea via our feedback form This is currently where all feature requests are tracked by our product team. 




I think this would a great idea to have a function like YouTube chapters @larryebaum .


As students are increasingly accessing recorded classes the ability to jump to the section they want to view would be really useful, especially if they have limited time or want to revise a particular topic.




Any feedback on this demand? Is there any way to access the recording directly at a certain point? 

I've not seen/heard anything from Zoom to indicate they are considering this. In the meantime, I've started using metaDoctorPro for MacOS. It gets the job done.