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1-1 but have time limit of 40 mins


This issue only started recently. When I have a zoom meeting with 1-1, the time limit is only 40 mins. I am aware using this happens to group meetings. Can anything advise how to troubleshoot?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @JLCnT,

Starting May 2, 2022, Zoom is changing the meeting duration limit for 1:1 meetings hosted by Basic users on Free and Free (Credit Card Verified) accounts to 40 minutes. This change creates a uniform 40-minute meeting duration limit for all meetings hosted by Basic users on Free and Free (Credit Card Verified) accounts, including group meetings and one-on-one meetings.


For more information:


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With the obscene amount of profit that Zoom makes, it is a travesty that the 30-hour limit has been discontinued for 1:1 virtual conversations. I suppose this is the company equivalent of removing the rent moratorium, because "obviously" the pandemic has ended and everyone is now "back to normal".


Please, Zoom, have a heart. Have some compassion. Be a good corporate citizen and bring back the 30-hour limit for 1:1 users. We're not here to do business for free; rather, we're here to keep in contact with family and friends while struggling financially, socially, and otherwise.

Note Taker | Zoom Employee
Note Taker | Zoom Employee

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