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Timer display


I may have posted this question in the wrong group before. I am using Zoom ver. on Lenovo ThinkPad running Windows 11 Pro Ver. 21H2. I have tried deleting app and re-installing and also have deleted ZOOM and re-installed.

The format of timer app seems to change. I used to have buttons for pausing, resetting etc. Also there was history of time used before and some options (1 min. 3 min. 5 min.). Now display is a digital timer (00:00:00) and a START bar. Possibly this is a known issue being worked on? I wrote support a few days ago but so far no response. This is what I have for display. The timer had been working but now different.




I just had a look and you are correct! The timer design has changed and you don't have the preset times anymore to choose from. If you type in the time you want the timer to set to, the button on the button will turn blue and you ca start the timer the same as before.


Let me know if that works?


Thanks for responding. This seems like a very strange change. It was such a good little app before and easy to use and reset.




I have been searching for information on this for at least a week. Glad to finally find a current post with same issue!  I do not know exactly when the change occurred, but I noticed it after updating zoom to version 5.14.0 (13888) - that may be a coincidence.  I do not have another computer with older zoom to compare, except my mobile phone, which of course does not have the app.  I wrote to zoom support last week and have not received any response - I am just relieved to see it is not just me, so I can stop thinking its a problem on my end. (Side note: I tried the timer app by Bluesky Apps, but their free version was too limited unless allowing them unspecified use of MY computer resources - much too questionable for my comfort, and cost of their paid version is not justified for my needs).  Hopefully zoom developers will take notice and get it back to normal since it is quite a nuisance resetting timer after each person's share!


Yes, a very unfortunate change. I also was glad wasn’t just me. I wrote a request for change in their feedback form. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi all 


We have the community for Zoom Apps too.

Please check it and if you have questions, we can also ask the developers from there.