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Integrating zoom video call service into my Django application.


My app has two types of users. Partners and customers. Partners show their availability and customers can book based on the availability. Booking is basically a video call between partner and customer.

Now partner and customer can register and interact with each other, book and have a video call.

I wanted to integrate this into my web page. I want the zoom to be embedded into the web page because I don’t want my users to install additional zoom application.

My app will have multiple zoom video call, many going on in parallel.

Which zoom services should I refer to. What is the pricing. Any link to documents.


Community Champion

Hi Shrishit


I am happy to point you in the right direction! To get a better sense of your implementation, are you planning on embedding the Zoom video experience on your site, or are you primarily interested in scheduling/creating meetings via API and then using the Zoom App to host/join them?

If it’s the former, you’ll likely want to utilize our Web SDK


We also have many apps to be integrated you can check them here 

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Hi Shaima,


Thanks for your reply.

I am looking to integrate this into my web application. I don't want my users to be redirected to Zoom application.


One thing I want to stress here. The app does not only have a single chat room. My users should be able to create a video chat room whenever they want.


Can I also ask you pricing details for such a service.


Thanks again,