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On the Zoom Digital Signage Platform we recently starting experiencing that we cannot upload any Videos anymore as it shows Upload storage limit reached. We deleted all the previous content and still we cannot upload videos. We did not get any feedback from Zoom local support  or and was forced to use a different account that worked for a month and same error is back on a different account


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Aldin thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! If you sign into your Zoom web portal, click under Room Management and then Digital Signage Content



Then click the dropdown arrow by "Add" in the upper right, select "Add Content" and the screen that pops up should show you how much space you are allocated and how much is remaining. Here is a screenshot from a test account I have


You will notice every Zoom Room and/or Digital Signage system you configure in the Zoom portal adds 1GB of storage and this is pooled storage across all Zoom Rooms/Digital Signage systems. If you are over the limit, deleting content should be reflected in this screen. 


If you have extra Zoom Room licenses on your tenant that haven't been configured yet in the Zoom Portal, you could configure a Digital Signage only system or even add a Zoom Room as a Kiosk in the web portal. This will create the system even if you aren't actually deploying any hardware, and it will add an additional 1GB in the portal for your pooled Digital Signage. 


If this has answered your question to your satisfaction, please click the "Accept as Solution" button below but if not please reply and we can continue the  discussion. Thank you!

@jeremyjustin I think there is some discrepancy between the documentation, the implementation, and the statement you made here (which I acknowledge was made in January of this year, so 10 months ago, and things may have changed)

If you could clarify/confirm what I've just seen, I would appreciate it

- We are trialing the Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Only, which per (2022-11-15) doesn't require a zoom rooms license

-What we discovered was as follows:

1) In order to create a Digital Signage Only room, we had to have at least a single "normal" room configured (this forced a free trial, which will end in a month) - we could delete the "normal" room after creating the Digital Signage Only (DSO) room, but then we couldn't create any new DSO rooms

2) a DSO room did NOT increase the quota for digital video content


This would seem to limit the functionality of the DSO utility - and the annual $500 cost for a 1 GB storage seems excessive, especially since we have plenty of available space for recordings. (multiple TB)


Is there something that we are missing? is there a glitch in the interface/system? or does the documentation need to be updated to reflect "While  a license isn't necessary to run a DSO "room", you will need a paid room license (and have a configured room, even if not connected to any hardware) to be able to setup a DSO room, and to upload video?


Thank You

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi,  Aldin

You are not the digital signage content at the location jeremyjustin indicates
I think you are referring to the digital signage content of individual Rooms.


Last fall, a problem was discovered in which an operational error during the registration of digital signage content resulted in content not being registered but only consumed capacity. This bug could eventually lead to the inability to register any videos at all.
This bug was fixed on February 7, 2022, and when registering new content, capacity is no longer consumed even if an operational error occurs.
However, a check on a sub-account I maintain for testing purposes revealed that capacity lost due to past operational errors was not recovered.
In order to recover the capacity, I will need to report this to Zoom and have them take some action on the server side.