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Can't disconnect


I am trying to connect zoom to and I previously had integrated with I disconnected, took the zoom app off of my account. Now everytime I try to select livestream with RTMP it says it is "connected to livestream...but it it not- it's still trying to talk to! Soooo frustrated. Anyone know what i am doing wrong?


I can't seem to find the original fill in the blanks for the url and streaming code. The input options are gone under the livestreaming option.


Listener is violating privacy of people.  I had to boot it from a meeting that was sharing HIPPA data.  Our account does not use, however someone who joined the zoom did and the automatically joined without permission from the user or from our group.  The person then told me that was joining all the meetings on their calendar even if they did not join that meeting.  I run meetings that are sensitive and confidential in nature and this person is cancelling their account due to this incident.  I have reported to the DHCS for HIPPA violations and privacy violations.  DO NOT USE THIS TOOL.

Indeed, this is a really important issue when the bot joins the call without consent.

I don't know Otter's settings, but Meetgeek has the toggle to join or not to join, really well displayed. And you can also enable it to join only the meetings where you are the host.