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Login Verification Codes


How do you setup Zoom so that the login verification codes get sent before they expire? We host webinars across a number of computers that are installed in meeting rooms and email verification codes take much longer then 10 minutes to arrive.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Zoom sends the verification code instantly by email, but depending on the company's email system setup, it can take a lot of time before an email from outside the company is delivered.
I have had similar experiences in the past.
At that time, I have solved the problem by requesting the mail system administrator to whitelist the target domain.
Is the case of your trouble the same as that?
If so, I would suggest that you ask your company's email system administrator to whitelist the emails from Zoom so that they are delivered immediately.
If there is another cause, how about setting the authentication code to be sent to a cell phone destination?


I found that the verification code takes too long if I login through the normal account login. If I login through the support/community site, the verification code shows up almost immediately.


Had the same problem with the Zoom app on a new cell phone. Configured 2FA in my account on computer using Google Authenticator. No need to receive mails anymore.