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How do I enable the advanced options for an event in Zoom Events?


Hello I am creating an event on Zoom Events for the first time. In  the Event Options page, under 'Joining the event', I should be able to  see the following 3 advanced options (listed below), however the only advanced option that I can see is 'Enable Q&A'. I had a look at the settings but there was no option to enable all of the advanced setting options. Can someone tell me how I can see all the advanced options? Thank you. 


  • Attendees can join event 15 minutes before the event starts: Click the Attendees can join event 15 minutes before the event starts toggle to enable or disable it. By enabling, Attendees can join the Meeting event before you start the event.
  • Waiting Room: Click the Waiting Room toggle to enable or disable it. By enabling, you will need to manually admit Attendees from the Waiting Room in a Meeting event.
  • Enable Q&A: For Webinar events, the question & answer (Q&A) feature for webinars allows Attendees to ask questions during the webinar, and for the Panelists, Co-hosts, and Host to answer their questions. 

Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi there, @CIELivestock, I think I understand what you're up against here!


Some of these settings are specific to the type of event you're creating. (Meeting or Webinar) Joining the Event will look a little different for attendees based on how you've configured things. Allow me to explain!


If you're setting up a Zoom Event as a Meeting, you can enable the Waiting Room, and even allow people to join the meeting early. 


If you're setting up a Zoom Event as a Webinar, you'll see webinar-specific settings in the 'Event Options' tab, such as 'Enable Q&A'


Does this help? If so, accept this as a solution to make it easy for others to find in the future. Thank you!

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@CIELivestock  just FYI you can enable all these setting in the zoom events setup, but once you are in the meeting or webnar you can change it all.  In advanced setting you can also choose to use your zoom default settings.  To test things our you are welcome to join my zoom events weekly demo conference.  More info