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Zoom API Integration for our Matrimonial portal



I hope this message finds you well. We are in the process of integrating Zoom into our website portal to facilitate our Online Meetings (1 to 1) functionality for our participants, and we seek your expertise to address some specific queries.

Outlined below are our concerns:

  1. Calendar Integration for Date and Breakout Room Selection:

    • We envision providing our users with the option to select dates and time slots for their online meetings through a calendar interface. Can Zoom facilitate this feature seamlessly within our website portal?
  2. Automated Zoom Links Distribution:

    • Upon selecting a date and time slot, we aim to automate the process of sending Zoom meeting links to our users via email. Is it possible to configure Zoom to generate and distribute meeting links automatically based on user selections?
  3. Meeting Recording Capability:

    • An essential requirement for us is the ability to record all meetings conducted through our portal. Does Zoom offer robust recording functionalities that we can integrate seamlessly into our platform?

In addition to these questions, we are also interested in exploring how Zoom's breakout room feature can be leveraged to enhance the overall user experience and functionality of our Online Meetings.

We would greatly appreciate your insights, recommendations, and technical guidance on how best to address these requirements and integrate Zoom effectively with our website portal.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your prompt response.

Best regards, [Your Name]


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hey there! These questions are a little out of my wheelhouse but I would suggest a couple of solutions that you can explore:

  1. If you have anyone internally who has the technical know how and would just need Zoom APIs, I would recommend exploring Zoom's Developer Forum. This spot has the APIs that you may need for your use case.
  2. If your situation requires a more hands on approach, I would recommend taking a look at Zoom's ISV partner program. Here are a couple of resources you can check:

Hope this helps. Thanks!