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No more 2 rooms open to allow staff to connect with patients


The Zoom account is owned by my EHR which connects directly to my patients' schedules. For 2 years, I could be on with one patient and my staff connect with my next patient to do preliminary check ins. Last month, this stopped due to Zoom no longer allowing a second room opened. My EHR support team says ZOOM has stopped this ability. My question is how to get it back? Is there a higher level plan that will allow for this or was there a change on update and defaulted back but still an option? It is imperative for work flow to be able to have 2 rooms open. Any help appreciated. Thank you. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Brennen when you refer to 2 rooms open, just trying to understand your scenario here; but are you referring to waiting rooms? For example, this use case as a provider, you can enter and exit a visit without disconnecting the session by placing the patient into the Waiting Room. Is this what you're referring to? 

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Thank you for getting back to me. Before the change, I could be in a room with a patient doing my work lets say at 1:40-2pm. Around 2pm, my nurse would click on the 2pm pt, go into a room designated for 2pm patient, accept the next patient, collect copays, answer questions while I was still with 1:40 pt. She would then leave room and the patient would still be in room. I would then disconnect from 1:40 patient and then click on 2pm patient who would already be on waiting for me. After the change, I would be on with 1:40 pt, around 2pm my nurse would try to click on next patient but a box pops up saying must sign out of other room. She nor my 2pm patient can get into the room while I'm still in a room. I want to know how I can get this back. 


Did you ever get an answer to this question? The healthcare company I work for began using a new EHR on July 1st. Since that time, we have been unable to have two appointments going at the same time as you have described.