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🆕 Introducing the Zoom Guided Tour!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

How many times have you heard “Wait, Zoom does more than meetings?” How many times have you started to respond with “Yup. That’s right. Zoom is a full-fledged communication and collaboration platform


What if you had a simple way to share the power of Zoom with your network? Now you do with the Zoom Guided Tour


The Guided Tour is a website full of click-through product vignettes from Zoom's Core Communication, Employee Experience, Customer Experience, Developer, and AI offerings. The Zoom Guided Tour helps people understand the value Zoom provides before they use Zoom products.


Zoom Guided Tour does it all! ⤵️

  • Provide a self-guided forum for customers and prospects to easily see how Zoom’s platform and products come together to drive value for them.
  • Create demand through campaigns, nurture programs, sales, events, and digital.
  • Educate and enable our customers, prospects, and partners on Zoom offerings.


We launched with 25 tours. And we are already working on the next phase of the project to introduce segment focused tours, personalization, integrated demo requests, and easy entry to the buy-flow too.


➡️➡️ Check it out today at

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Zoom Moderator

This is AMAZING!! 😍

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?