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I have the same issue as another person from yesterday.  I attempted to start a meeting this morning, and was told I needed my IT person to update my account. I paid an annual subscription in March, so payment shouldn't be the issue. I tried to follow the chat instructions to update. However, I was told to click on my profile picture, and a pop up list would appear, one item of which is updating. That pop up list does not appear.



I am having the same issue. Not finding any answers or workarounds.  I will keep looking but will watch this thread with interest!!



I am still waiting for a step by step solution to update my app.

I can schedule a meeting, but not launch it because my app is not up to date and the "solutions" I have found are convoluted and don't work.

Any solutions ?????????




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I found a thread that provided information to correct.  It seems the only option to fix is to delete and then reinstall the program from scratch.  gives the steps including a ling to a Registry cleaner tool.   (I had to break the hyper link for zoom to let me paste it even though it is from their site!!)
It worked for me...99%.  When  I reloaded and went in, it had all my account info and such however, it dumped all my virtual backgrounds. A little bit of a pain to reload them but doing so as I need them.
Hope   this helps. 

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Community Champion | Customer



You can join a Zoom meeting a few ways;


  1. By using a web browser to join.
  2. By installing and and joining from the desktop application.
  3. By installing the Zoom app on a mobile device 

If you log into the Zoom website  you will see your profile picture, but you won't see a way to update the desktop client using this approach as the browser is not the desktop application.


If you log into the desktop application it also has a profile picture and you can use that section to ask the desktop client to update unless the desktop client is to out of date.



Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 10.58.56 AM.png

If your desktop client is too old to update, then delete the desktop application, reboot your computer and download and install the latest zoom desktop application for your computer.





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My problem was that I could not host a meeting because my app was out of date.

So, I simply uninstalled the app and installed a new one and my problem vanished.  I don't think the old one could be updated.