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I received the following email - three days ago but have been away from my computer and very busy and only read it today.  Zoom have changed my password 24 hours after the email - and not given me any way to access my account - I have six months left of a PRO SUBSCRIPTION and I use the account regularly for work and personal things.  What can I do - I need access asap.





Hi Bryony Rogers,

We're reaching out to you as we've determined that your login and password for Zoom may have been compromised on another service. At Zoom, we take extra steps to help prevent compromised credentials from other platforms from being used for your Zoom account.
We recommend you immediately reset your password and enroll in two-factor authentication to further secure your account. If the password for your account has not been reset in the next 24 hours, we will reset your password as a safety measure to prevent any potential unauthorized access to your account.
Why are you receiving this message?
As part of our ongoing security efforts, Zoom takes proactive measures to identify users whose login credentials may have been stolen or compromised in a data breach elsewhere on the Internet, and where the compromised credentials could be used to access a customer's Zoom account. By using unique passwords for different services, you can help reduce the risk of account compromise.
If you are receiving this message, we recommend taking prompt action to reset your password. In addition, you can learn more about setting up two-factor authentication here.
Thank you,
-The Zoom Team


The automatic password change is obviously a bone of contention.  The message has an embedded link and is begging out for a hacker to repurpose it!

I alternate between two devices, one for general business and one for presentations.  Why doesn't the 'compromise' email message contain an ''it's alright, it was me' link.  Or will I have to generate a new password every time I swap machines?!!

PS You still have not changed the icon below from 'reply' to 'post'.  Avoid ambiguity!!

HI John,


So what do I do?  How can I access my account now that Zoom has changed the password?


I totally agree with you that that kind of button would be very helpful


I am not sure what you mean about reply / post - am new here