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being charged for incoming calls


why i am being charged for incoming calls on my Toll Free despite having 12 user license with unlimited US/CA minutes.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi nepster,


your unlimited us/canada covers outgoing calls within us/canada.


for incoming calls on a toll free number, you are paying for incoming calls.  i think you may be paying for incoming call at metered rates.  please see


thanks, eliot


i was under impression that if i am paying for US/CA unlimited plans i do not have to pay for incoming calls on Toll free number and no one told me about this once asked.

Same here.


RingCentral covered both incoming and outgoing toll free calls in the plan, but for some reason Zoom only covers outgoing calls. This isn’t mentioned anywhere, searching for the info brings up nothing concrete, and the support agents are unclear on this as well. It won’t matter what plan you have as I’ve tried several to remove this limitation. Unless it’s a bug on both our accounts, Zoom needs to clarify this info when signing up for the calling plan.


The only saving grace is Zoom’s annual fees work out less than RingCentral’s based on my own usage of mostly calling out, however I’m going to have to avoid picking up the toll free calls to keep the pricing down.