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Renewal Amount for Zoom One Pro More than what was communicated


When I signed up for Zoom One Pro Subscription at the beginning of 2023, it was CAD150. As with all subscriptions (or most anyways), I would expect the same fee to be applied during renewal time. Should the price change for whatever reason, the reasonable and right thing to do is for the company to inform me of the price change, well in advance prior to the renewal period.


Not the case with Zoom. A couple of days ago, I got an alert that ~CAD250 was charged to my credit card by Zoom. I was well-aware that auto-renewal was right around the corner and I was expecting the same fee of CAD150/year to be applied because last I checked on my Zoom account billing and management page, the auto-renewal amount of CAD150 hadn't changed, neither did I receive any calls, emails or messages from Zoom informing me of any changes i.e. zero correspondence.


Puzzled and a bit worried, I immediately checked my subscription details, again on the Zoom account billing and management sectionsaw that the renewal amount of CAD150 remained unchanged. It also showed that I didn't purchase any add-ons nor did anything that would incur additional charges, which was the case.


So, clearly, there must have been a mistake and I was overcharged. I took a screenshot of the estimated renewal amount and immediately wrote to Zoom Support saying that there was a mistake, attaching the invoice, and the estimate, and requested for a refund for the difference.


This was 4 days ago and I haven't heard back. So, I went to the Zoom support page I was clicking around some links to see if i missed any updates when I was navigated back to my Zoom Account page where, to my shock, the subscription renewal amount was now published at CAD250/year, after the fact. What?


This is just wrong and unfair on so many levels:


1. I didn't receive a renewal notice nor any communications for that matter from Zoom informing me of a renewal, not to mention that I'll be charged price change. On this note, it says on the Federal Trade Commission website that "Before a company can auto-renew your subscription, it has to send you a renewal notice."


2. At the same time my credit card was charged ~CAD250, the renewal amount shown on the Zoom account page was also clearly shown as CAD150. However, today the renewal amount had changed to CAD250/year, after I had written in. What company estimates one amount, charges another, much higher, amount, and then changes the initial estimate to match what it charged? All without the customer's knowledge nor consent?? And it's not an increase of a few dollars, it was by $100, almost 70% more than what was quoted by Zoom no less.


3. it's been 4 days since I contacted Zoom support regarding a billing issue and I still haven't heard back. The priority level was assigned as 4 - Low, which is disappointing to say the least. In my experience being a customer of so many businesses, billing issues are prioritized as urgent, as it should. 

This is pretty poor customer experience.


I look forward to hearing from someone in Zoom who has the authority to action on an agreeable resolution on this matter. The sooner the better.

PS: Adding insult to injury - Zoom just tried to sell me an annual subscription for $200 after a discount of 22%. But I got charged $250. I can only conclude that Zoom is a lot more interested and focused on raking in new customers with scarce regard in retaining existing customers. 



I found this thread because I just got the notice from Zoom about my renewal with a ~70% price increase and I wanted to see if I was the only one shocked by this. We are using Google Workspace, so this just gave me the push I needed to change all of our calls over to Google Meet and cancel Zoom. It will be a pain, but Zoom has now made it worth it with this money grab. 


I'm getting charged 159.99 US THE PRICE SAYS IT IS 149.99 WHERE THE F##K DOES THE 10 come from? Yeah with what happened to you... I might quit Zoom. they are money-hungry pigs