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Zoom add on for Large Meetings and Webinars


Our organisation have been using Zoom for committee meetings for 4 years. Once each year we use the 'Large meeting' add on for 100+ registrations. This year, despite paying for the 'Large meeting' add-on our    registrations remained closed at 100 for 12 hours at our peak time for registrations - we paid twice to check if we'd done something wrong. We resolved this by a thrid payment for a 'Webinar' add-on and requested a refund for the (2) 'large meeting' add-ons.  We've had a few email responses from Eliza Umali at Zoom Technical Support promising to look into a refund and have provided the requested information then followed up with further requests via email every week since September but have heard nothing since then.


This is the information provided to us (the only reason I'm posting here is I cannot get a response from Zoom despite frequent requests): 

September 13, 2023

Aliza Umali:

...I do understand that you have a concern with the registration being closed at 100 registrants despite having the large meeting add-on. Also, you are requesting a refund. I’d be delighted to assist!
Regarding your concern, firstly, can I have the affected meeting ID, date, and time so I can further check it on our end? (provided)
Furthermore, please be advised that one of the possible reasons for this issue is that the "restrict number of registrants" is enabled and set to 100. (the add on was enabled and was not restricted to 100)




Would it be possible to get a reply on this? We'd have another webinar in April and want to know if we can be credited for the add-on from the previous over-payment for (unusable) large meetings?