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Your sold to country is ineligible for this currency


Why can't I upgrade? Why am I getting this? "Your sold to country is ineligible for this currency" I have a separate work zoom on a different email but trying to buy my personal zoom and I can't! Very frustrating. And the chatbot is rubbish.



I'm having the same issue today too - did you ever find a solution OP?




I’ve spent hours trying to get to the bottom of this today and still can’t resolve! Did anyone get anywhere? It’s infuriating!


OMG i have just received this message - what the heck does it man, the chat bot is useless does anyone know how to solve this



i too have this problem 😑


Yes me too...this is ridiculous


I've just figured this out with a friend. Go to the billing information for your account and make sure all your details are correct in there. We're in the UK and hers hadn't been filled in properly and was set to US which is where the error came. We completed the 'Bill to' information in the account settings, added card payment and it allowed her to upgrade without any problems! Simple when you know how - but we'd been tearing our hair out for hours over it! Hope that helps. 🙂 

Thank you! That worked!


Even thou I was a freemium-user (until this point), adding my details manually in billing information worked!

Thank you! I followed your advice, and it worked!

Good grief! Thanks for this @SunnyRoyal talak about being stuck in a loop! I finally realise after years of using ZOOM for free, pretty much effortlessly, just how useful it is and the value of being able to hold longer meetings. I can't believe how hard it was to actually pay them!! For anyone else you need to dig deep into your profile / billing section and add your country but even then it's not simple! I've had to add my details sooooo many times. Grrrrrrr - Thanks though @SunnyRoyal - you've saved me a whole lot of pain!!

where is the bill to, I search  at the setting and didn't find

I had this problem in the personal info and payment screen. From there I logged out, logged back in, went to my profile, scroll down the menu on the left to admin then down to account management, then billing. Then at the top of that screen select Billing Information from the options.


I have the same erorr