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ZOOM says that the address has already been used, but it doesn't.


When inserting a new user to access ZOOM with our company's address, the platform says that the address has already been used, but we do not use this specific address. It does not appear in the "pending" list. How should I proceed to show the application that that address does not exist?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Often when this happens a user has set up a private Zoom account using their company email. Often, they don’t even remember doing so.


Accounts set up this way will not show up in your user panel as Zoom considers them private accounts separate from your account. So it won’t show up in users or pending.


Did your company set up domain association with Zoom to prevent this sort of thing? 



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Yes. All of our email accounts are corporate. There are no personal accounts. When entering a company account, it says that the account has already been added, but it hasn't been and I can't reverse it...

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Ricardo_Brasil 

I'll send you a DM here in the community to get more information, as I may be able to help. 


More or less the same problem here. We used to have a subscription with associated domain, but management decided not to continue the subsctiption without informing me as administrator.  Now people are complainting they cannot create a zoom account with their work mail and I can't switch off SSO and domain association any more with the administration account.  Submitted a support call to remove that, but so far no response from zoom.