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Won’t let me cancel Large Meeting Add on



I have a Zoom One Pro plan on annual billing cycle and required the Large Meeting add on for a couple of months. I was given a discount for 3 months of 50% on a MONTHLY BILLING CYCLE, (it says "subscription period monthly"). Now I want to cancel the add on. Not only did it restart my annual billing cycle for my Zoom One Pro plan (when I was going to cancel this month!) but also it won't now let me cancel the add-on either, and says:


"You are unable to cancel, downgrade or decrease your monthly add-on subscription until the end of your annual subscription's billing cycle. Contact Us if you have any questions."


I tried contacting zoom, with zero response and also saw that this topic has been posted before with no responses from zoom.


Unless I cancel the PayPal billing agreement on my end within two days (which I will do if unresolved) it will automatically charge me again for the add on.


Having a monthly suscription plan for add-ons and not being able to cancel them at the end of the month is a scam.


Any thoughts on how to cancel the Large meeting add-on subscription?



I raised a ticket and then Zoom support cancelled it afterwards

Thanks. I’ve raised two tickets now and still no response. Come on Zoom!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hello @ACFal I see that our Zoom Support agent has resolved your "Base Plan Cancellation" ticket. Could you please confirm that this issue has been resolved? If so, that's fantastic! If this hasn't been resolved, please let me know so that I can try to escalate it further. Thank you! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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Hi. Yes, it has been resolved, they cancelled the large meeting add on subscription and refunded me the recent payment. 
However, there was absolutely zero communication, I only noticed because I had a PayPal email. 
So I appreciate them sorting it out, but Zoom needs far better communication with customers. Thanks


I understand your frustration with the situation. While I can't directly interact with your Zoom account, here are some general steps you might consider:

Contact Zoom Support:

  • Continue trying to reach out to Zoom Support. You can use different channels, such as their online support form, email, or phone. Persistence might eventually lead to a resolution.

Live Chat:

  • Check if Zoom offers a live chat option for support. Sometimes, live chat can be a quicker way to get assistance.

Social Media:

  • Try reaching out to Zoom on social media platforms. Companies often have social media teams that monitor and respond to customer inquiries.

Billing Agreement with PayPal:

  • If you're unable to cancel through Zoom directly, and you're concerned about the upcoming PayPal charge, canceling the billing agreement on PayPal's side could be a last resort.

Credit Card Chargeback:

  • If the situation persists and you're unable to get assistance, you may consider contacting your credit card company and discussing the possibility of a chargeback.

Review Terms of Service:

  • Check Zoom's Terms of Service regarding cancellations, billing cycles, and add-on subscriptions. Understanding their policies might provide insights into your options.

Remember, it's crucial to document your attempts to contact Zoom, including dates and methods used. This documentation could be helpful if you need to dispute any charges.

Keep in mind that my advice is based on general knowledge, and the specifics of Zoom's policies and support processes may have changed. If all else fails, consulting with a consumer protection organization or seeking legal advice might be options to explore.


I have this exact issue as well. This is genuinely a borderline scam, I checked before purchasing and there was absolutely NO clear indication that this would be the case - it was simply listed as being on a monthly billing cycle.


I've raised a ticked with support, guess I just have to wait now.


I have this problem as well. Why is this happening? I have raised a ticket with Zoom support and tried emailing through contact us as well. 


We are having the exact same issue, we want to cancel the add-on monthly subscription because there was no condition that forbid us to cancel it before year billing ended but now, the cancel plan process tells us that we have to wait for an entire year.


We have just opened a ticket, how many time does it take to be answered by support? That waiting time would be helpful to know.

Hi, I got a reply from the support within a few days and they cancelled the add on for me, but didn't explain why this issue was happening or confirm that it will be fixed. I am put off getting the add-on again as I don't want to go through this hassle again.