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Will a Zoom employee ever contact a customer to set up a meeting to discuss account consolidation?




We would like to confirm that the following email is legitimate and is not an elaborate attempt at phishing. If this email is legitimate, kudos to the employee/team for their foresight and customer service. We are just being cautious. 


Thank you in advance.



Hi Everyone,
Ben here with Zoom! I've noticed there are several separately purchased Zoom accounts with the [removed] domain.
I'd like to propose consolidating these separate accounts into one parent account to optimize functionality and allow for administrative ease of use.
There are many benefits of consolidating to one account. I've listed a few below:
  • Admin Management - Manage all users and settings in one account
  • Full Visibility - Keep track of who in your org has a Zoom license and understand how your users are using Zoom
  • Cloud Recording - Account wide access to cloud storage and admin access to recordings
  • Billing - Manage billing in one place with one invoice
  • Security - Delete users who have left the organization and manage paid licenses
  • Added Features - Alternative host and scheduling privilege. Many others included with plan upgrade.
What does your availability look like next Thursday or Monday for a quick discussion?
Please let me know what date/time works best for you. Here's my calendar for your reference.



Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello, we do. We normally review accounts and reach out to customers about certain matters, and account consolidation is one of them. Please feel free to respond back so we can help you with the account consolidation.