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What is Zoom EU VAT ID? --> required for accounting


The VAT was reverse charged for my company but I still need the actual VAT ID. 
In the help section, I didn't find any specification AND it is not present on the invoice.
Does Zoom have a VAT ID number? Zoom does not have a VAT registration in each individual EU Member State. Instead Zoom is registered for VAT through the non-Union Mini One Stop Shop (‘MOSS’) in the EU. The non-Union MOSS scheme is a simplification available for taxable persons that are not established in the EU, to collect and remit VAT on supplies of telecommunications and/or electronically supplied services made to non-business customers in EU Members States. The MOSS scheme allows suppliers of telecommunications and/or electronically supplied services to non-business customers to avoid registering individually in each EU Member State. Zoom has selected its country of identification for MOSS purposes as the Netherlands.