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Webinars no longer working


I have the Pro plan. I had access to webinars, in fact, I had scheduled out several weeks of webinars and now they are just GONE and I am getting a message that is just telling me what a webinar is. As if I don't have this feature anymore.  Did the plans change? How do I get Webinars back? 





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @TheKrissyChin 


Can you check your for the status of your Webinar subscription?


So it says I don't have it but the weird thing is I never had webinars on my account before. UNLESS. i had increased my zoom capacity to 500 for one month only because I had a big masterclass so maybe that upgrade gave me webinar access....? and that was why I was able to schedule all the webinars and now that the month has passed I lost access. That must be what it is. 


 I had an issue where Zoom didn't autorenew my monthly subscription to Webinars and my webinar (with 250 paid attendees) disappeared the day before it was scheduled! I freaked, but tech support confirmed it was still in my account (although Sales could not see any record of me ever having Webinars assoaited with my account...) and when I paid the webinar fee again it reappeared with all of the data. Give that a try!