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Very unhappy was made to upload new ZOOM (That is Horrible)


I can go on and on. Ill Start with whoever came up with Portal idea has never used this product. So to enable/disable video now you have to open portal and click approximately 4 or 5 different tabs to disable a  video. WTH was someone thinking. All of this while the person is doing whatever it is that you want to stop. also lack of support is a joke. was black listed and was unable to receive email's to verify that I had an account. which I was told would take up to 72 hours. Nice response time for 175.00 subscription. have been using this product and loved it since 2018 work really well. why does someone always need to make things better. Guessing its people who do not use it. You all have cost me 4 hours of my life.


Thank you for that.