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Unusual situation with new email address


I don't know who to contact but I'm having an unusual issue because of something specific that happened. Here's the run down:
1 - wanted to change my sign-in email address (email1). Rec'd request from zoom to (email1), clicked approve, and then didn't receive an email at the new email address (email2). I tried another email address (email3) and the same thing happened. (Note: email2 and email3 had the same
2 - I realized the email had not gone through the DKIM/SFS/DMARC changes. I hired someone to handle that for me.
3 - I still want to change my Sign-in email on the zoom platform from (email1) to (email2) but now I can't, as zoom informs me "email '***********' has already been used."


But it has not already been used.

Any thoughts?