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Unable to login


I am able to login to Zoom on the web browser but when it comes to accessing it on my iPhone and on the desktop client, I keep getting the "Incorrect email or password" or "Invalid email, or password" error. Tried the little chat agent that is supposed to help but it brings articles from the community that does not help. I have tried contacting the support line but apparently my PMI and Host Key comes back with nothing. All the system says is "this account does not exist". Trying to talk with someone to redirect me to the right department, I went back to the main menu on the phone systems and kept entering "0" when prompted to make a selection. After 4 tries, the system hung up. I'm left in the dark, nothing within the community really shows a solution as everything says to clear cache on the apps but I just uninstall and reboot but the same errors appear. All applications are up to date, app cache and data has been cleared and have attempted to log in on different devices with no success (Desktop and Mobile). What is this fix for this issue? I don't want to create a new email account to just access Zoom and have to start over again. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Mar60 ! Could you have possibly signed in via a different method last time (e.g. Google, Facebook)? 

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

I have the same problem

I signed via email only