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Unable to cancel autorenewal due to impending coupon


My subscription is due to renew on 31 January. When I click on Manage Plan - Cancel Plan it displays the following message "You are unable to modify your plan until your pending coupon goes into effect on January 31, 2023. You may cancel your pending coupon and retry to take immediate effect". When I then go into Coupons - Manage, it says 'no date' under coupon details. I have tried talking to a chat bot but we just go round in circles, with the beginning advice about how to cancel and then moving on to the coupon that I don't have. I do not wish to continue my subscription and I am concerned that while on 31 Jan my pending coupon (wherever/whatever that is) may go into effect and I'll then be able to cancel, as payment is also due that day it will be too late. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks so much, Claire 



Two-and-a-half months without a single answer? That is very troubling.