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Removing Ads


How can I eliminate the flood of ads for up-charged services?  Is there an opt-out location?  I pay to use the service not be hounded every time I get off a meeting.



Agreed! It is totally getting out of hand. I am going to cancel my subscription if this doesn't get resolved ASAP. I'm a paying professional user. It's not my job to recruit colleagues to use Zoom. We have alternatives, and if Zoom wants to keep us on their platform, this is NOT the way to do it.

100%. I could see ads for users but not for customers. Big difference. 


Agreed. Paying a lot of money and now getting ads is not a good look. May have to start looking for other platforms if this continues.


Has there been a resolution to this from Zoom! I'm getting these stupid ads all the time? It's funny because in my job at a university, there's no ads but the Zoom Pro account I pay for to use for my small business there are ads. Why is this?


It really is infuriating to pay for a service and still be bombarded with ads (much less, see any ads at all).


Fine, if you’re on the free program, show ads. But not your paying customers. It pisses me off every time I see it. Imagine Microsoft Word trying to upsell you every time you fired it up. Lol. Ads are a way to get people to sign up initially, not to piss off those who already have signed up.


If you think this is a successful upsell, Zoom, you’re sorely mistaken. You’re pissing away goodwill with paying customers (the ideal target demographic if you didn't piss us off so much). Your value-proposition should sell your products, not this b.s.


+1 here. The constant upselling is silly. Once or twice, fine. But every single time/day? Zoom, do something already! 

It smacks of desperation from a company that has fallen from grace. 


Another +1 from me. It's such a gross move by Zoom, and actively pushes me to consider alternatives. At least make it opt-out. Signed up for a community account just to say this.


Gonna just jump in here to add my voice. I am otherwise happy with Zoom for meetings and phone calls, but the constant upselling ads make me super angry--as a result, I would drop Zoom and switch to an alternative vendor in a second if only their products were as good as Zoom's. The most ridiculous part of this is that most of the upsold plans aren't even available to organizations of my size (one user)! I opened a support ticket at one point to complain, and the rep said my only recourse was to create a developer forum account and provide my "feedback" there, which obviously has been an utter waste of time.


I agree, zoom ads are a pain in the butt.  Nobody is ever going to upgrade because of them.  Either charge more for the product or drop the ads.