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Register with redirects to unknown SSO



We're trying to create accounts using the email domain (our company domain), and we're not able to create the account.

Once we try to create it using the Zoom Web App it redirects to SSO, a company unknown for us, that we never heard or have any knowledge about it.

We have not configured SSO for our domain and as I'm the IT manager for the company, in our DNS records for our domain we have nothing related to Zoom verification for SSO.

This url is a small video of what is happening.


Any help is welcome!



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@AntoniCarol, please try it again.

Just tried again but the problem is still happening.

We've been with this issue for a long time, and on the past week we figured out it was redirecting to an unknown SSO login that we have not configured.

The domain ( has been used since 2010. So maybe prevous owners verified his domain for his SSO and now it keeps redirecting there.

One solution we think is mount-up our own SSO with this domain verified, but we want to avoid that.

Is there any way to unverify the domain if we own it now?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

You can open a support ticket and ask them to unassociate the domain from the current account.  You can also request it as a vanity URL on your account even if you don't enable SSO.  That should force it to go to your account.