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Problems with adding account member


I share an account with another person whose membership I've been paying for.
It resolves around support for a disabled person who is largely stuck at home.
Another friend, who said she was already a Zoom pro member, wanted to help us with hosting and setting up meetings.
Last week, I invited her to join the account with me.
When she said yes, her pro-membership was taken away from her, and the credit on her account was transferred to me.
I've tried chatting to one of your assistants who says 
1) The change can't be reversed
2) The only way I get her back her pro membership is by either transferring one of the 2 existing licenses on my account to her or we have to pay the balance on her whole year's subscription.
I'm not a big corporation & for an ordinary individual person, we're talking about quite a lot of money.
I didn't realise the implications of what we were doing & clearly, neither did she
I find Zoom's documentation rather confusing to read & it would take up lots of time to go through it all, which I haven't got ...the response under the circumstances does seem very inflexible & lacking in concern
for on of Zoom's customers. I'm very upset about this situation & not sure what I can do about it.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @P297


 I am going to check with one of our billing experts, but I believe that if you want to remove that user from your account you can disassociate the user and Zoom will ask you if you wish to send the license with her to her new account. It is true that once you add someone with a pro license to your account they have a choice at that time to either be refunded for the pro-rated amount of what is left on the license, or transfer the license to the account that they are being associated to. Let me talk to this SME (Subject matter expert) here at Zoom and I will get back to you. We can set up a meeting and I can walk you through how to disassociate this person away from your account if that is still what you would like to do. 




Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate your help.
I'll discuss the situation with my friend & get back to you.
We incorrectly believed her pro-licence would be transferred in with the remaining term left to run.
Under the circumstances, we would ideally want to return to where we were before I sent out her invitation last week.
I've just renewed two Zoom licenses, which has cost a lot of money by my standards, and neither of us has budgeted to pay Zoom any more right now.
But it seems that if we all want to keep our pro-licences for the time being, we're expected to hand over more money.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @P297

 That is not the expectation at all, but many of our users do not understand that when you ask a Pro user to join your account, or what we call associate her account to yours, Zoom gives the person who owns the pro account two choices. 1. is to transfer the license to your account or the owners account which is the same thing. 2. is to receive a refund for the remaining balance on the Pro users account. It appears to me that she chose the second option. 


In my opinion, you should call the hotline and work with a billing expert to make sure that you get what you wanted, because it appears that there is some confusion and I do not want to make you more confused, but there is a way to fix this, you just would need to work with us to resolve it. 


If you want to keep her on your account, you can simply just give her the license that was transferred from her account to yours. You can do that in the user management section. I am happy to meet with. you guys and we can go over it. I have a billing expert on my team, so I can ask her if she can meet with us also. If that sounds good to you, DM me on here and we can work on setting up a time to meet. 




Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
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Hi Brandon,
Thank you for looking into this for me in greater detail.
My friend wanted to transfer her pro-membership onto the account that I own with her existing term left, which is an outcome we would both be satisfied with & would resolve the issue 
I received an automated email from '***********'  'Invitee Account HasTransferred a Credit to You' 
I've searched my account for this credit, but I can't find it displayed anywhere. 
Zoom's system is indicating that my friend doesn't have a pro license, and she has apparently been advised that her pro membership has been deactivated.

As suggested, I will DM you & hopefully, we can sort it all out with you & your billing expert. 

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @P297 was @YaBoiB reply helpful? If so, please mark the most helpful reply as the solution! However, please let us know how we can assist you further in this discussion! Thanks!

Zoom Community Moderator

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