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Pro account downgraded to basic




I paid for a "pro" account on August 18 (have the credit card statement), and have been holding several hour long meetings over the past 3 weeks. Yesterday during a meeting my call got cut off after 40 minutes, I checked my Zoom account and it says the plan is basic, and has no history of invoice/payment. 


I've tried contacting Zoom, but when asked for my meeting ID, the machine on the phone tells me my basic account is not supported. This is pretty urgent as I use Zoom almost daily and have hour long meetings or longer. 


I attached a screenshot of my CC statement (erased my name for safety) and a meeting that shows I was connected for 50+ min recently.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @aurorackearney 


I see that you reached out to our Billing team. There is currently a Billing Specialist working on your ticket, and you should receive a response shortly. It looks like you are logging into the wrong account.