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Paid for Pro but account still showing basic


I know this has come up before. I've paid for pro it's still showing basic.  It will not allow me to allocate the two licences I paid for - it says I don't have any and keeps asking me to upgrade. IT is not a cache issue either. I've had to explain my issue to three separate people via email, I dont' think they even read the streams. I attached the invoice show I had paid for two licences and I was asked if I wanted to pay for two licences - seriously???? 



I have the same problem! They take our money but don't provide the service!

I also faced with this problem. they ask me to find some answers here. Do anyone got the answer?

I had to pay someone over £100 to sort this out for me! I asked Zoom for a refund but of course you wouldn't do so, and there are lots of people suffering from this problem. One thing you might try. If your email is a gmail account try logging in with your name not


Same problem here. Did anyone get it solved so far? We just upgraded 4 licences to annual payment.