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Monthly Subscription for Zoom Rooms


Hi all,

I have an annual subscription for Zoom One Business that gives our organisation 10 licenses to use.

From time to time, we would require to the use of Zoom Rooms for larger events. We do not use them often throughout the year so a monthly subscription made sense.


However,  when we requested to cancel the Zoom Room monthly subscription, we were told that as our Zoom One Business plan is an annual subscription, the same applies for Zoom Room's subscription and we are unable to cancel until our business plan expires.

When we asked then what's the difference between a monthly and annual Zoom Room subscription, the Renewals Manager said the difference was either you paid the full amount up front, or monthly. 

I find this quite peculiar as other services that we purchase (Zoom Webinars) does not have the same terms.

Can anyone confirm that this is true? Thanks!