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Massive Hacker Attack Yesterday - Took Over controls


I've been using the same Zoom number with password since May 2020. Unfortunately, we theorise that someone with access to the account's laptop has been compromised. Last night, we experienced an intrusion by approximately 100 'Zoom bombers'. The hacker's handle was "huben1337," and they reportedly used a botting tool from 

Given the situation, we're keen to understand if we can transfer this specific Zoom number to a different Zoom account. This particular Zoom ID is of immense importance as it serves thousands of people each month for AA. The continuity of this number is crucial, as it has been a lifeline for many desperate addicts and alcoholics since 2020.

The administration of the account is shared between several people from all over the world, taking turns at different times of the day. We'd greatly appreciate any help or recommendations to secure our meetings and ensure the safety and privacy of our members. I've attached details of the hacker in the attached file. Many thanks, DG 



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Denizens welcome to the commuity! I am sorry to hear about your recent Zoom bombing experience; I highly advise reporting this to -> Report Abusive Behavior or Content


More information on how Zoom's Trust and Safety team works

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