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How to set up a paid Zoom account for a client


Hello, I need to create an annual Pro account for a client. Just one user. We are doing a webinar, then I am giving her the account to use for the next year. What is the best way to set it up? If I set it up in my name can I change it to her name so she can use it for the next year, or should I set it up with her name at the start? Payment will be done in my name however. Thank you


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @DavidW1 welcome to the community! I believe we can get this setup for you, so with this method you will be adding the user to your Account; whereas, you can control the billing and assign the license to the user on the account. Is this something you'd like to setup? 

Adding Zoom User to your Account 

  • So first, you will want to add the user to your Zoom Account. To do so, suggest looking into the steps on How to add a new User from User Management within the Zoom web portal.


  • IF the user has already setup a Zoom Account with their own credentials and your account is on a pro plan type or better, you can look into the knowledge base article on Adding existing users to a paid account.


Assigning Zoom user on your Account a License

  • Secondly, you will want to purchase a Zoom license on your Account as the Owner, and then Assign a single license to the user you just added from User Management


After you've added the user and assigned the license to them, they should be able to login to their Zoom account and see that they have a license from my profile -> (scroll down) license.


After you've done the following, as the Owner or Admin with privileges, please take a look into Managing Groups and Users

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